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In 1992, Casco Communications was formed to provide technology solutions and value added services to members of its parent cooperatives; Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative, Consumers Power, Inc., and Pioneer Consolidated, Inc. Today, Casco continues to expand its business lines and provide new opportunities and value to its customers and shareholders.

Mission Statement:
CASCO, as the retail extension of the parent Co-ops, will seek strategic alliances, partnerships and investments in order to meet customer communications and energy needs. Value will be returned to the parent companies and customers through the efficient utilization of existing services, the pursuit of new ventures and sound fiscal management in order to maintain local control and competitive prices. Homepage

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Casco Communication Communications

  • Peak Internet
  • Pioneer Telephone
  • WIN Networks
  • Eastern Oregon Telecom

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  • CoEnergy
  • Consumers Power Incorporated

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